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Help Stop the Spread of the Email Insanity

Reading Time: 5 minutesSome days I want to declare email bankruptcy! I was recently swallowed up by a series of epic emails as a part of a conversation regarding a Board I serve on.  It was a 5 way conversation with everyone “reply all”ing and it was pure cyber mayhem!   We have since reformed our email etiquette […]


The Present Presence of God

Reading Time: 1 minutesJesus said He would never leave us or forsake us and this is such a powerful promise and one central to the incarnational nature of the Christian faith.  We are exhorted and encouraged with the promise of Christ in us, the hope of glory and yet so many of us live like we are all alone.  How many […]

Growing Deeper

Sun behind all suns – Prayer

Sun behind all suns, Soul behind all souls, ..... Show to us in everything we touch and in everyone we meet the continued assurance of Your presence 'round us: lest ever we should think you are absent. In all created things You are there. In every … [Read More...]

Seeing in new ways! Experiencing God

Many of us long for more of God and we seem to have that desire deeply embedded in us and this longing can manifest as a sense of being disconnected or like something is out of alignment.  The truth is humanity was designed and created for authentic and … [Read More...]

The Question

“Who do they say I am?” The question surely rang strange in the hearts of His friends. “What an odd question. What does He mean?” They were all too familiar with Jesus’ stories and twists on old familiar ones. With perhaps some … [Read More...]

Christ – A Celtic Prayer

The following is an old Celtic prayer.  It has been called the Christ Canticle and was often a part of Celtic Christian liturgy.  I find this prayer to be a great way to start my day, especially when the day ahead could be stressful. I … [Read More...]

Be Still

One of the things I hear most often from many folks is the chronic busyness of life.   They are bombarded from all directions, all day so it seems to many.    This driven pace is often a reflection of one's inner life - their thoughts and emotions, and as such … [Read More...]

Prelude to Deeper Life: Vulnerability

From my personal blog: LivingLoved-blog.com I find myself continuing to reflect on vulnerability.  Earlier this week I asked some friends for their thoughts about what vulnerability is and these are a few of their responses: leaving … [Read More...]