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All about Heart :: Michael Rose

Reading Time: 2 minutesMeet Michael Rose, the founder and Director of IamSignificant.ca.  In this short video Michael introduces IamSignificant.ca at it's very foundations- Heart.  Michael gives a brief overview of the resources available with IamSignificant.ca and also explains Christian Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction for cultivating more, vibrant meaningful lives.  Get a fuller picture of the heart that infuses IamSignificant.ca and […]


Are you a Lukewarm Christian?

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe city of Laodicea was founded around 260 BC, in the Lycus River valley in what is now Turkey. It was a bustling city known for its great wealth from medicine, textiles/wool and finance. It was so wealthy that when it suffered a major earthquake in 60 AD, they refused the support of the Empire […]

Growing Deeper

Personal Experience Matters in the Long Run

A modern parable: Filbert was a dog who lived in a small prairie town.   He was a good and happy dog who had a good family that treated him very well.  One day he was rolling in the grass when out of the corner of his eye he saw the biggest rabbit he had ever … [Read More...]

Free Indeed

In this audio reflection, Michael leads us through some thoughts on John 8:33-46.  Jesus is speaking about freedom and the fact that His words are truth and bring freedom.  Jesus contrasts this with sin and lies which bring slavery.  Often times … [Read More...]

Renewing of our Minds: 8 Deadly Thoughts

The Apostle Paul, writing to the church in Rome and encourages them in a new way of living - the way of love. To do so, Paul suggests we need to renew of our mind by embracing Kingdom values, specifically love, and no longer conforming to the patterns of the … [Read More...]

Intro to the Love Paradigm

The Love Paradigm is like a new set of eye glasses that alter slightly the way we see things.  Worldview can be defined as a collection of intellectual, emotional and / or spiritual paradigms that are based upon beliefs about the world, about reality, about … [Read More...]

Climbing the Ladder of Real Success

Self-help is all the rage these days. One can assume that the voracious appetite for this kind of material serves to illustrate the perceived need of folks who are working very hard to be better, to improve with a goal to be more successful, and more fulfilled … [Read More...]

Really Listening

Seems to be a theme in my life these days - learning to listen well. Even when we do this well, we can always learn to listen better.  I have written about learning to be present in the moment in other posts but specifically I want to explore the aspect … [Read More...]