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The difference between Coaching and Spiritual Direction?

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhat an excellent question and while volumes have been written on Spiritual Direction and life coaching, it is important to understand the two are not the same thing as if Coaching is a more contemporary term for Spiritual Direction. Christian Life Coaching can be an incredible tool in the real life of everyday people, but […]


A Hell of a Difference

Reading Time: 3 minutesOnce upon a time there lived a woman who wished she could understand the difference between Heaven and Hell.  She petitioned God for such an experience, and one day God came to her in a dream.   God said to the woman, “I have heard your prayer, and I am willing to grant your request.  […]

Growing Deeper

My Grace is Enough

Why is it that when I sense a leading from God and follow through, the resulting consequence so profoundly determines my hindsight? For example, if things naturally fit together and all goes well I am confident that I indeed heard God. Alternately, if things … [Read More...]

Interview with Michael Rose on Becoming Love

Michael talks about his latest book "Becoming Love. Avoiding Common Forms of Christian Insanity" and shares a great deal of the heart that permeates the book and inspires his ministry and life. "In Becoming Love, Michael Rose leads us to the very foundation … [Read More...]

Black Holes, Jesus and the Victory of God

I am a bit of a sci-fi geek. I grew up watching Star Trek, Star Wars and just about anything with aliens and outer space.   One of the coolest phenomena which provided great plots and excitement was the mysterious Black Hole! A Black Hole is a phenomenon in … [Read More...]

Breaking Free from Bitterness. The Transforming Power of Forgiveness

Bitterness is toxic!  No kidding, eh!  The root cause of bitterness, whether it is towards another person, a situation or ourselves, is almost always unforgiveness.  The ability to forgive is key as we learn to walk in greater freedom from … [Read More...]

Love is… Indiscriminate

  Consider a rose.  Can a rose choose who it will share its breath-taking beauty with?  Can it  withhold its  captivating fragrance from bad people and share liberally with good people?  The sun shines and the rain falls of the saints and the sinners … [Read More...]

Cracks – A Spiritual Exercise

The following is a short Christian spiritual exercise that will help you engage a little deeper with God. Take a couple of deep breaths and in prayer, invite Jesus into this time. Begin reading the poem below entitled "Cracks" by David Bookless.  This first … [Read More...]