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Learning to Listen

I was astonished to learn that we only retain 25% of the things we hear.  Not only does this further illumine the need for a variety of forms of communication – it also brings to light the need to cultivate effective listening.  Julian Treasure* suggests that listening is very important for many reasons, primarily because […]



The Cobled Path to Peace

World peace is a journey That begins with a single, faltering step Upon the cobbled path of inner peace. Inner peace is the perfection of inner healing. Inner healing is the fruit of acceptance. Acceptance is the tree of life That springs forth from Love. Love is the seed. Christ is the Seed. God is […]

Growing Deeper

Being Fully Alive & The Glory of God

"Gloria Dei vivens homo” proclaimed St. Irenaeus, the second century Bishop of Lyons. It translates generously to “the glory of God is men and women who are truly alive.” He, with great enthusiasm declares that God is glorified by … [Read More...]

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Love is…Humble

Brennan Manning once said that true humility is not a poor opinion of yourself, rather, no opinion of yourself.  So it is with authentic love.   Love simply loves unaware that it is actually loving - it just does.  Love is unselfconscious. … [Read More...]

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Faith Spelled R-I-S-K: Living Life.

A farmer walks into the local diner.  He sits down, wipes the sweat from his brow and orders a coffee.  The diner is a buzz with other locals talking about everything from the state of the economy, to politics and how the crops were coming … [Read More...]

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Discovering "Thin Places"

"Thin places" is a 5th century Celtic christian term used to describe geographical places where it seems that space between Heaven and Earth are uniquely thin.  The Thin places could be in a building, cave, on a mountain top or by the sea shore.  It is the … [Read More...]


A Humbling Homily

Humility is one of those things in life I have always struggled with.  It is considered a pillar of Christianity, and an attribute we should demonstrate regularly as Jesus’ coheirs, who supposedly bear his image to the world.  Any sincere Christian who has … [Read More...]

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Reflection at Days End

  In this restful audio reflection you prayerfully look back over your day. As you review your day, you ask God to bring those things to mind that He wishes.  As you become aware of situations and feeling, you are invited to offer these back to God … [Read More...]