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Knowing: Reason and Wonder

“The stirring in our hearts when watching the star studded sky is something no language can declare.  What smites us with unquenchable amazement is not that which we can grasp  and are able to convey but that which lies within our reach but beyond our grasp – the ineffable.”* I remember first hearing about the […]


The Yes Man

“Then you don’t love me” she said defiantly.  I asked “What do you mean?” She replied “If you loved me you would support me in this decision.”  To which I gently replied “It is because I love you that I don’t agree with your decision.” There is a trend in our society today that if we […]

Growing Deeper

Black Holes, Jesus and the Victory of God

I am a bit of a sci-fi geek. I grew up watching Star Trek, Star Wars and just about anything with aliens and outer space.   One of the coolest phenomena which provided great plots and excitement was the mysterious Black Hole! A Black Hole is a phenomenon in … [Read More...]

Love is… Indiscriminate

  Consider a rose.  Can a rose choose who it will share its breath-taking beauty with?  Can it  withhold its  captivating fragrance from bad people and share liberally with good people?  The sun shines and the rain falls of the saints and the sinners … [Read More...]

Thoughts from the Butterfly Circus

“A perversion of nature. Cursed from birth.  A man, if you could even call him that,  whom God Himself has turned His back upon.” Mendez sneers sarcastically. “How can you say such horrible things? said Will. “Because you believe it!  But if you could only … [Read More...]

Overcoming Prayer Distractions

If you are like me, you have times of prayer where your thoughts are all over the map!  “Our Father, who art in heaven,... what should we have for dinner tonight? hallowed be your name... oh, I have to get that contract signed...”  Prayer distractions seem to … [Read More...]

Renewing of our Minds: 8 Deadly Thoughts

The Apostle Paul writing to the church in Rome and encourages them in a new way of living - the way of love. To do so Paul suggests we need to renew of our mind by embracing Kingdom values, specifically love, and no longer conforming to the patterns of the … [Read More...]

Finding God in Real Life

The great philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once suggested that life is best understood looking backwards, but it must be lived forwards. A conundrum for sure, for how many of us would like to know how things will work out before we start instead of afterwards! … [Read More...]