Faith in Real Life


Gifts,Talents and Community

Cultivating community has been a wonderful journey for our Amadeo community.  We have let go of a number of things we think have been unhelpful to authentic community, and we have pick a few of those things back up again for a time and a purpose, and laid them aside again. While this has been […]

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Watch out for that Tree - Knowledge of Good and Evile

When Good isn’t God

“And you Peter. Who do you say that I am?” Master, you are the Christ, the promised son of David, the King; you are the Messiah that we have awaited since the Prophets have foretold your coming!” “Wow Peter! Well done! God has revealed this to you! And you are right!” *** “What do you […]

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Growing Deeper

Judgingothers-© iQoncept -

Judge Less. More Filling.

“Judge not lest you be judged” are haunting words for me.  I am coming to realize that a constant problem of the human creation is the propensity to judge others.   I think there are a variety of reasons for this but for our purposes here, suffice to say it is … [Read More...]


My Plumber Thinks I Should Pay Him

With tongue in cheek, the Rant begins… I think everyone ought to know plumbing. Really! No, not just know a little something but competent to do all things plumbing. Fathers should teach sons and daughters everything there is to know about plumbing. After … [Read More...]

ball&chain-© Dimitar Marinov -

Free Indeed

In this audio reflection, Michael leads us through some thoughts on John 8:33-46.  Jesus is speaking about freedom and the fact that His words are truth and bring freedom.  Jesus contrasts this with sin and lies which bring slavery.  Often times we believe … [Read More...]

Kids' soccer

Rikers Song: An Ode to Child-like Faith

(First Game) Daddy…  what’s going on? Daddy who are all the faces? I’m not so sure about this Daddy but I’m sure about you. So many children Daddy. I’ve never played soccer Daddy. I’m not sure about this Daddy but I am sure about you. So I will stay with … [Read More...]

Divine Love is… Free

Freedom is the very nature of divine love, for it is when love is freely given and freely received that it is, in fact, healthy love.  As soon as we attach expectations and seek to meet those exceptions by use of coercion or manipulation love ceases to be … [Read More...]

Metal whistle on a white background

The difference between Coaching and Spiritual Direction?

What an excellent question and while volumes have been written on Spiritual Direction and life coaching, it is important to understand the two are not the same thing as if Coaching is  a more contemporary term for Spiritual Direction. Christian … [Read More...]