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Love Your Wife Well: Affection

I remember an old comedy bit from Bill Cosby.  The bit was him talking about his relationship with his wife.   He spoke about trying to navigate the complexities of a woman, specifically his wife and how often we get, what we as men think, are “mixed signals”.  The Cos jokes it was a “Come ‘ere, […]



Really Free?

There is an interesting bit of scripture in Galatians where Paul states: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Gal 5:1a, NIV).  It is part of the larger context of Galatians, as Paul is contrasting our freedom in Christ with the bondage we seem to perpetually gravitate towards.  He is absolutely confounded […]

Growing Deeper

Kids' soccer

Rikers Song: An Ode to Child-like Faith

(First Game) Daddy…  what’s going on? Daddy who are all the faces? I’m not so sure about this Daddy but I’m sure about you. So many children, Daddy. I’ve never played soccer, Daddy. I’m not sure about this Daddy but I am sure about you. So I will … [Read More...]


Bruised & Broken? God has a Plan for You!

Thornton Wilder's play, “The Angel that Troubled the Waters” is based upon the story found in John 5:1- 5 with an interesting twist. The play tells the story of a doctor who visits the pool of Bethesda in hopes that he could be the first in the water when the … [Read More...]


Here Comes Da Judge

There’s a basic equation at work in all of us.  I’ve not met anyone who has escaped it; which is unsurprising because it is often the foundation of how we see the world, and more importantly, how we see ourselves in relation to the world; so while it may cause … [Read More...]


A Love that Changes Everything

As anyone who has spent any time with me or visiting any of our sites can attest, my passion is all about love.  Many folks will speak about having a life message – for some this is justice, could be mercy, mission, business, ethics, etc.  For … [Read More...]


Faith of the Everyday

Once upon a time there were two carpenters; framers to be precise. Each day they would arrive at the building site to pound nails, erect walls. The first, a glum man, was asked what he was doing. “I hammer nails,” he replied, looking sour. “Every day, hammer … [Read More...]

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Blind Faith or Faith Filled Living?

“Oh no... I don't believe in works at all” he said. “I just believe that the sin we do is on one side, and the good things we do are on the other, and we hope the good outweighs or at least reduces the bad side!” “ Hmm Sounds like works to me” as I waded a … [Read More...]