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Easter: Good News for Zombies!

Reading Time: 4 minutesA few years ago, we were visiting a Church in the States on Easter Sunday. The Pastor, a friend of mine, was tremendously creative with sharing the Gospel through pop culture and his Easter Sunday message was no exception. He was presenting the Easter story using various media and was at the part in Matthew […]


The Cross, Victory and the Non-Violent God

Reading Time: 5 minutesWorldview runs silently in the background of our consciousness, filtering and shaping the way we interpret the world around us.  It is from these interpretations that our worldview shapes our reactions to people and situations.  It is really important that we realize that we are not as objective as we sometimes think we are and […]

Growing Deeper

Life is Not Too Short

The following is a piece by a young woman, Jacqueline Warner, just prior to passing away from Cancer. The Valley of the Shadow of Death can be the fertile ground for some profound insights. It can cut through the crap and cliche's getting to the real heart of … [Read More...]


 I stand in dismay and great sorrow with the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I am at a loss for words, with only a whisper of "oh dear God." My mind jumped back almost 14 years ago when we lived a similar horror here in Taber, Alberta, Where a student … [Read More...]

The Neighbor’s – Short Story

  God will often offend the mind to reveal the heart, and the following is a short story I wrote as an adaptation of the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan. Set in the modern day, I have attempted to re-tell this powerful story in such a way that we can … [Read More...]

Which Jesus?

“What are people saying about who the Son of Man is? ”They replied, “Some think he is John the Baptizer, some say Elijah, some Jeremiah or one of the other prophets.” He pressed them, “And how about you? Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter said, “You’re the … [Read More...]

A Love that Changes Everything

As anyone who has spent any time with me or visiting any of our sites can attest, my passion is all about love.  Many folks will speak about having a life message – for some this is justice, could be mercy, mission, business, ethics, etc.  For … [Read More...]

Love is… Indiscriminate

  Consider a rose.  Can a rose choose who it will share its breath-taking beauty with?  Can it  withhold its  captivating fragrance from bad people and share liberally with good people?  The sun shines and the rain falls of the saints and the sinners … [Read More...]