Faith in Real Life

A young woman opening window curtains.

Living Awake!

The idea that God can be found in all things has been a rich and welcomed renovation in my life.  I am coming to understand that the mystery that is God cannot be contained by my thoughts and the structures I use to think about God, nor do my experiences of God adequately encapsulate the […]

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The Neighbor's – Short Story

  God will often offend the mind to reveal the heart and the following is a short story I wrote as an adaptation of the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan.   Set in the modern day, I have attempted to re-tell this powerful story in such a way that we can identify with each of the […]

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Growing Deeper


Healthy Detachment

Two Fools on the Road to Emmaus Podcast (Archive) – What is detachment?  Can it influence the way we live and love?  Mark and Mike examine how attachment and detachment shape the way we relate, use power, and minister to each other. Two Fools on the Road to … [Read More...]

the fight between work and leisure,relaxed and hard

Discernment Between the Ditches

Discernment is a significant challenge for many folks and this is an important part of learning to walk in the Spirit and to learn to walk by faith.  Discerning an action to be taken or not taken, a choice to be made or a direction to head when the way is … [Read More...]

Divine Love is… Free

Freedom is the very nature of divine love, for it is when love is freely given and freely received that it is, in fact, healthy love.  As soon as we attach expectations and seek to meet those exceptions by use of coercion or manipulation love ceases to be … [Read More...]


I Smell Like Sheep Poop: Spirituality of Work

I got a call from a friend a couple of days ago.  He has a small sheep herd of about 100 head and he was needing help sorting them.  Some had to go to market. Some had to be tagged and tattoo’d. And some needed to be culled off for … [Read More...]

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Intentional Listening

Seems to be a theme in my life these days - learning to listen better.  I have written about learning to be present in the moment in other posts but specifically I want to explore the aspect of listening. Listening, truly listening and being … [Read More...]

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Shedding False Responsibility

Have you ever found yourself feeling really weighed down and anxious about a situation that seemingly you have no control over? It is an ugly feeling that seems to gnaw away, sometimes quietly and other times quite overtly, but all the while bringing a general … [Read More...]