Faith in Real Life


A Gift from my 4 year old.

One of the great things in my life are my children.  There have been seasons in my life though where I had missed the reality of that in my life.  It wasn’t that my guys were hellions, for I can’t remember a day when I wished I had never had them, but there were sadly, […]

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A View from the Bottom

Why is it that when I sense a leading from God and follow through, the resulting consequence so heavily determines my hindsight?  For example, if things naturally fit together and all goes well I am confident that I indeed heard God.  Alternately, if things fall apart or blow-up in my face, I suddenly am stricken […]

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Growing Deeper

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Out of the Box

“Oh no... I don't believe in works at all”  he said. “I just believe that the sin we do is on one side and the good things we do are on the other, and we hope the good outweighs or at least reduces the bad side!”  “ Hmm sounds like works to me” as I waded a … [Read More...]

the fight between work and leisure,relaxed and hard

Discernment Between the Ditches

Discernment is a significant challenge for many folks and this is an important part of learning to walk in the Spirit and to learn to walk by faith.  Discerning an action to be taken or not taken, a choice to be made or a direction to head when the way is … [Read More...]


My Plumber Thinks I Should Pay Him

With tongue in cheek, the Rant begins… I think everyone ought to know plumbing. Really! No, not just know a little something but competent to do all things plumbing. Fathers should teach sons and daughters everything there is to know about plumbing. After … [Read More...]


Healthy Detachment

Two Fools on the Road to Emmaus Podcast (Archive) – What is detachment?  Can it influence the way we live and love?  Mark and Mike examine how attachment and detachment shape the way we relate, use power, and minister to each other. Two Fools on the Road to … [Read More...]

Winter Oak Tree at Sunset

Be Still

One of the things I hear most often from many folks is the chronic busyness of life.   They are bombarded from all directions, all day so it seems to many.    This driven pace is often a reflection of one's inner life - their thoughts and emotions, and as such … [Read More...]

Rhythms of the Heart

Intimacy with God Reflection

Rhythms of the Heart.   The key to a rich and dynamic spirituality in the cultivation of intimacy with God.  This is a process like any journey with each step yielding a great sense of peace.  Spring boarding from the story of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25, we … [Read More...]