Faith in Real Life

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It Cuts Both Ways

"So, how did you find yourself living in Arizona?" I asked the twenty-something year old during a recent visit to the United States.   She took a deep breath and told me that she and her family are Muslim and lived in Bosnia during the war which saw the country torn apart by terrible conflict […]

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Pastor Burnout

If ever there was a career path that was uniquely vulnerable to burnout, it is the pastor / minister. It is estimated that 40% of pastors and 47% of pastors spouses report suffering from burnout.  According to some sources, 33% of pastors experience burnout within the first five years of ministry.  Other sources suggest 1500 […]

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Growing Deeper

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Love is…Humble

Brennan Manning once said that true humility is not a poor opinion of yourself, rather, no opinion of yourself.  So it is with authentic love.   Love simply loves unaware that it is actually loving - it just does.  Love is unselfconscious. … [Read More...]

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Motivating Employees with Meaning

Motivating those who work for us can be a challenge!  Whether they receive a pay cheque or volunteer it is important to help your team understand why what they do is important or meaningful.  This sense of meaning can go a long way to increase productivity, … [Read More...]

Love is… Generous

What is Love? Consider the tree.  The tree provides shade, respite from the blazing heat of the sun to everyone one with no expectation of return.  To this end, love is genuinely maturing when it loves with no strings attached and no expectation of  personal … [Read More...]

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Quiet Reflection: In the Beginning

Enjoy a two minute retreat - A quiet reflection on the first few verses of Johns Gospel. This is a way to experience the scriptures in a different way, more reflectively and in doing so,  you will experience a deeper sense of peace and perhaps you may hear the … [Read More...]


More Turkey Mouth

Two Fools on the Road to Emmaus Podcast (archive) - Continuing from Turkey Mouth, the guys press into a discussion around the nature of community and how it grows.  They look at the concept of unity and then examine why we seem so unwilling to relate very … [Read More...]


Love Wins (1 Cor. 13:8)

I am amazed how the perfect love of God works in and through His good creation but have been surprised at the reaction of some folks.  These sincere people get concerned that when we talk about love, it must be at the expense of truth.   They suspect love … [Read More...]