Faith in Real Life


A Gift from my 4 year old – Parenting

One of the great things in my life is parenting my children.  There have been seasons in my life though where I had missed the reality of that in my life.  It wasn’t that my guys were hellions, for I can’t remember a day when I wished I had never had them, but there were sadly, […]

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Apocalyptic: Godzilla & the Kingdom of God

[I wrote this article a few years ago and I am re-posting it for our members.  The turmoil in financial markets, weird weather and other environmental events serve to stoke the fire of anxiety and stimulate an increased appetite for end-times musings.  It is important that we keep our eyes focused on Jesus and the […]

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Growing Deeper

safeangel-© Renate Flormann -

Rest: Psalm 16

A five minute retreat reflecting on Psalm 16 and the faithfulness of God. This faithfulness is a place of rest. Reflect upon Psalm 16 and allow the music and the simple landscape to stir gratitude and a sense of the Fathers love for you. Music by Andre' … [Read More...]

Kids' soccer

Rikers Song: An Ode to Child-like Faith

(First Game) Daddy…  what’s going on? Daddy who are all the faces? I’m not so sure about this Daddy but I’m sure about you. So many children Daddy. I’ve never played soccer Daddy. I’m not sure about this Daddy but I am sure about you. So I will stay with … [Read More...]

stressedcage-© Jaimie Duplass -

Holiness in Real Life

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is working with many wonderful and diverse people.  It is so incredible to see how the Father works in each life.  Far too often I am afraid, when I get to meet some of these folks, it is because they are … [Read More...]


Hope on the Line

I hung hope out with the laundry, clothes-pinned tenderly beside a pillowcase, a tea towel, two sheets and some socks. I could tell she needed air, a sweet puff of wind. She needed to get warm again basking in the sun.   After a few hours, I came out with my … [Read More...]

Judgingothers-© iQoncept -

Judge Less. More Filling.

“Judge not lest you be judged” are haunting words for me.  I am coming to realize that a constant problem of the human creation is the propensity to judge others.   I think there are a variety of reasons for this but for our purposes here, suffice to say it is … [Read More...]

explosiveheart© Pavel Ignatov -

Oh Blessed Vice

It is true that God can use all things for our good - even our sin and brokenness. St. Augustine would call sin his blessed vice because he knew his sin would drive him back to the foot of the cross - relieving him from the heavy burden of it.  This is … [Read More...]