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Humility in a Status Chasing World

Somewhere during my formative years I came to believe that humility was the rejection of the reality that some things I did, I did well.  To accept any praise or even to share a strength or a talent was considered boastful and full of pride.  As such, I grew up feeling just as bad about […]



Is Spiritual Direction for you? – Learning to Live Deeply

For century’s people have spent life-times on the journey of discovery. To explore what it is to be human, to discover meaning, purpose, peace and a deep sense of self and their place in the universe. This exploration has often included thoughts and experiences of God and our relationship to God within our life and […]

Growing Deeper


Live True, Live Free

Woke up this morning feeling quite off balance.  A weird confession perhaps for someone who is passionate about what he does.  Regardless, I felt off balance.  I felt as if some how I had drifted away from the “sweet spot" - that place that I like to live from … [Read More...]


Breaking Free from Bitterness. The Transforming Power of Forgiveness

Bitterness is toxic!  No kidding, eh!  The root cause of bitterness, whether it is towards another person, a situation or ourselves, is almost always unforgiveness.  The ability to forgive is key as we learn to walk in greater freedom from … [Read More...]

Love is… Generous

What is Love? Consider the tree.  The tree provides shade, respite from the blazing heat of the sun to everyone one with no expectation of return.  To this end, love is genuinely maturing when it loves with no strings attached and no expectation of  personal … [Read More...]


Bruised & Broken? God has a Plan for You!

Thornton Wilder's play, “The Angel that Troubled the Waters” is based upon the story found in John 5:1- 5 with an interesting twist. The play tells the story of a doctor who visits the pool of Bethesda in hopes that he could be the first in the water when the … [Read More...]


A Humbling Homily

Humility is one of those things in life I have always struggled with.  It is considered a pillar of Christianity, and an attribute we should demonstrate regularly as Jesus’ coheirs, who supposedly bear his image to the world.  Any sincere Christian who has … [Read More...]

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Free Indeed

In this audio reflection, Michael leads us through some thoughts on John 8:33-46.  Jesus is speaking about freedom and the fact that His words are truth and bring freedom.  Jesus contrasts this with sin and lies which bring slavery.  Often times … [Read More...]