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Christmas: An Overcoming Light

Do not lose Hope.  Do not be afraid. Perhaps a bizarre way to begin a Christmas message but it has been a season of pain and loss; personally and for many that I have had the opportunity to support on their journey.  Even in our news feeds there is no shortage of stories of pain, […]


Rhythms of the heart Log

Loving Yourself: Forgiveness

Rhythms of the Heart – Video- We are encouraged to love our neighbour as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31) but what if we don’t love ourselves? Jesus also taught after the last supper with His friends that we need to love each other as He loved us (John 13:34-35). One key way in which Jesus loves us is through […]

Growing Deeper


Bruised & Broken? God has a Plan for You!

Thornton Wilder's play, “The Angel that Troubled the Waters” is based upon the story found in John 5:1- 5 with an interesting twist. The play tells the story of a doctor who visits the pool of Bethesda in hopes that he could be the first in the water when the … [Read More...]

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Growing Up in Christ: Friends not Servants

When my sons were younger, age three or four, it was perfectly reasonable for us as parents to set out their clothing, help them get dressed, cross the street and prepare their dinner plate.   Imagine if my son, the eldest being 21, still waited for mom … [Read More...]


Renewing of our Minds: 8 Deadly Thoughts

The Apostle Paul writing to the church in Rome and encourages them in a new way of living - the way of love. To do so Paul suggests we need to renew of our mind by embracing Kingdom values, specifically love, and no longer conforming to the patterns of the … [Read More...]

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 I stand in dismay and great sorrow with the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I am at a loss for words, with only a whisper of "oh dear God." My mind jumped back almost 14 years ago when we lived a similar horror here in Taber, Alberta, Where a student … [Read More...]

Lindisfarne Castle - Holy Island

Discovering "Thin Places"

"Thin places" is a 5th century Celtic christian term used to describe geographical places where it seems that space between Heaven and Earth are uniquely thin.  The Thin places could be in a building, cave, on a mountain top or by the sea shore.  It is the … [Read More...]


Hope on the Line

I hung hope out with the laundry, clothes-pinned tenderly beside a pillowcase, a tea towel, two sheets and some socks. I could tell she needed air, a sweet puff of wind. She needed to get warm again basking in the sun.   After a few hours, I came out with my … [Read More...]