Faith in Real Life

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The 4 Minute Soul Spa

Feeling STRESSED?  We live in a highly pressurized world.  Finances, work, health, parenting, relationships, and trying to juggle a multiplicity different things that are all screaming for our attention.  Add to this how we are bombarded by many constant more subtle stresses reported in the media; wars, economic crunches, accidents, natural disasters war and so much more. […]

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Leveraging Conflict for Healthier Community

The following is an excerpt from my book “Becoming Love. Avoiding Common Forms of Christian Insanity“.  In this brief section I begin to explore how to steward conflict in church communities with love. _______________________________ In the context of the Love Paradigm the Church community is a reflection of the Kingdom of God, if only as through […]

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Growing Deeper

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Reflection at Days End

  In this restful audio reflection you prayerfully look back over your day. As you review your day, you ask God to bring those things to mind that He wishes.  As you become aware of situations and feeling, you are invited to offer these back to God … [Read More...]


One Size Fits All Spirituality?

As a recovering "Big Box" church pastor I understand a lot of the challenges that face pastors.  I have experienced the challenge they face to keep the church rolling, to provide a great Sunday service, and because of the size, the most efficient way to teach … [Read More...]


Resting Busyness – Grace to Sabbath

School is out for summer and for many, summer is the season for family vacations, and slowing the pace of life down.  As a kid, I loved my annual two month sabbatical.  My summers were filled with epic bike rides, camping, exploring the forests and … [Read More...]

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Prayer: Ignation Contemplation

This video with Jim Martin SJ provides a brief introduction to Ignatian style of prayer called Contemplation.  This is a rich, creative and very powerful way to experience God in prayer through the scriptures.  Martin describes in very … [Read More...]


Jesus. A Parable of God

They say a  picture is worth a thousand words.  A story can hold so much more than dry propositions or facts and one of the reasons Jesus was such an effective communicator was because He employed stories.  In these stories … [Read More...]

From your Head to your Heart

“You must descend from your head into your heart. At present your thoughts of God are in your head.  And God himself is, as it were, outside you, and so your prayer and other spiritual exercises remain … [Read More...]