Faith in Real Life


Where’s Waldo?

One of the richest things for me the past while has been learning to see God in all things. I have to admit some days I am blind as a bat and finding God in some things is like a brutal "Where's Waldo" puzzle. If you have ever seen a Where's Waldo you know these […]

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Legend of the Fire Maker

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a wise man made a discovery.  He discovered fire and with fire he could be warm, cook his food and have light through the dark of night.  He had heard of a people across the mountains; the people who lived on the plains and   he […]

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Growing Deeper

Hurray we did it!

Prayer for Busy People

It’s a no-brainer to state life is incredibly fast paced and busy!  Seems there are more demands for our time than time in a day and yet we strive to do it all, aware that many things fall through the cracks.  Time with God, or prayer can be one of those … [Read More...]

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Light at the End of the Dark Night

St. John of the Cross, a Carmelite priest from Spain, coined the phrase the “Dark Night of the Soul”.  It is a poignant metaphor used to describe a phase in a person’s spiritual journey which is marked by a sense of loneliness and desolation.   Desolation can … [Read More...]


A Gift from my 4 year old – Parenting

One of the great things in my life is parenting my children.  There have been seasons in my life though where I had missed the reality of that in my life.  It wasn’t that my guys were hellions, for I can’t remember a day when I … [Read More...]

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Bullied by Stress and Anxiety?

Have you ever felt like you are being ambushed by stress, fear, worry and anxiety?  Sometimes the unpleasant feelings can be so overwhelming, making it very difficult to get proper perspective, focus on the tasks at hand and make good decisions. … [Read More...]

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Motivating Employees with Meaning

Motivating employees can be a challenge!  Whether they receive a pay cheque or volunteer it is important to help your team understand why what they do is important or meaningful.  This sense of meaning can go a long way to increasing productivity, … [Read More...]

Being Fully Alive & The Glory of God

"Gloria Dei vivens homo” proclaimed St. Irenaeus, the second century Bishop of Lyons. It translates generously to “the glory of God is men and women who are truly alive.” He, with great enthusiasm declares that God is glorified by … [Read More...]