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The 4 Minute Soul Spa

Feeling STRESSED?  We live in a highly pressurized world.  Finances, work, health, parenting, relationships, and trying to juggle a multiplicity different things that are all screaming for our attention.  Add to this how we are bombarded by many constant more subtle stresses reported in the media; wars, economic crunches, accidents, natural disasters war and so much more. […]


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Peacemakers vs Peacekeeping: Dealing with Conflict

Do you cringe at the thought of conflict?  Do you often go to great lengths to avoid conflict at all costs?  Do you tend to appease when you probably should confront?  You may be a peacekeeper There is a difference between the peacemaker and the peacekeeper. Peacekeepers will go to great lengths to avoid or […]

Growing Deeper

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Follow Jesus – On the Way

With a sincere desire to cultivate a deeper experience and relationship with God many folks are conditioned to ask the question "how." How can I experience greater peace, joy and freedom in the Lord?  How can I get a deeper sense of my … [Read More...]

Rhythms of the Heart

Rest in The Storm

In this audio edition of Rhythms of the Heart we reflect on Mark 4:35-40 where Jesus and his disciples are crossing in a boat and meet a severe storm that threatens to sink the boat.  Reflecting upon this story of Jesus' life, what is God … [Read More...]


I Smell Like Sheep Poop: Spirituality of Work

I got a call from a friend a couple of days ago.  He has a small sheep herd of about 100 head and he was needing help sorting them.  Some had to go to market. Some had to be tagged and tattoo’d. And some needed to be culled off for … [Read More...]

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Faith Spelled R-I-S-K: Living Life.

A farmer walks into the local diner.  He sits down, wipes the sweat from his brow and orders a coffee.  The diner is a buzz with other locals talking about everything from the state of the economy, to politics and how the crops were coming … [Read More...]

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Really Listening

Seems to be a theme in my life these days - learning to listen well. Even when we do this well, we can always learn to listen better.  I have written about learning to be present in the moment in other posts but specifically I want to explore the aspect … [Read More...]

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Free Indeed

In this audio reflection, Michael leads us through some thoughts on John 8:33-46.  Jesus is speaking about freedom and the fact that His words are truth and bring freedom.  Jesus contrasts this with sin and lies which bring slavery.  Often times … [Read More...]