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Keep your Goals to Yourself?

   Conventional wisdom tells us it is a good idea to share our goals with others for the purpose of vocalizing them and soliciting help with accountability to help keep us on track but Derek Sivers suggests this may in fact be counter productive to realizing your goals.     Sivers relying on the work of […]

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writing in ajournal

The Writer

There are days for the writer when a torpor settles upon the mind, and a malaise upon the heart. The story withers to a dry riverbed and frustration abounds. It is maddening, for the writer knows that locked within, lost amidst a cacophony of distractions, lies some gem that is waiting to surface. It is […]

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Growing Deeper

canolafeild-© chesterF -

Quiet Reflection: In the Beginning

Enjoy a two minute retreat - A quiet reflection on the first few verses of Johns Gospel. This is a way to experience the scriptures in a different way, more reflectively and in doing so,  you will experience a deeper sense of peace and perhaps you may hear the … [Read More...]

Dawn-© Maridav -

Here Comes the Light

Once upon a time a Cave lived under the ground, as caves have the habit of doing. It had spent its lifetime in darkness. One day it heard a voice calling to it, “Come up into the light; come and see the sunshine.” But the cave … [Read More...]

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Free Indeed

In this audio reflection, Michael leads us through some thoughts on John 8:33-46.  Jesus is speaking about freedom and the fact that His words are truth and bring freedom.  Jesus contrasts this with sin and lies which bring slavery.  Often times … [Read More...]


I Want to Win the Lottery, God!

Tom was a faithful guy.  He loved the Lord and did his very best to serve God.   One day, Tom was deep in a wonderful daydream.  He was lost in the fantasy of winning the lottery.  Oh, what he could do with a few million dollars. … [Read More...]


My Grace is Enough

Why is it that when I sense a leading from God and follow through, the resulting consequence so heavily determines my hindsight? For example, if things naturally fit together and all goes well I am confident that I indeed heard God. Alternately, if things fall … [Read More...]


Life in Healthy Tradition

Let the recovery from the madness of the holiday begin!  Take a deep breath! Let it out and hopefully we can reflect on the joy of the season devoid of the crazy pace of last minute gifts, crowded shopping centers and the discomfort of distended bellies from a … [Read More...]