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Help Stop the Spread of the Email Insanity

Some days I want to declare email bankruptcy! I was recently swallowed up by a series of epic emails as a part of a conversation regarding a Board I serve on.  It was a 5 way conversation with everyone “reply all”ing and it was pure cyber mayhem!   We have since reformed our email etiquette […]


Closeup of lips kissing a big green frog. Don't sell false hope.

Don't Sell False Hope

It is a very disappointing feeling to have put our hopes in someone’s promises only to find that what was promised did not eventuate. It may be the promise of promotion, the claims of a miracle product or the untold wealth that would come from joining a business venture. Some people knowingly peddle false hopes […]

Growing Deeper

Childlike Faith – Approaching God with empty hands

There is a lovely story in Matthew 19 where Jesus welcomes little children and spends some time with them and encouraging that to such as these belongs the Kingdom of Heaven. 13-15 One day children were brought to Jesus in the hope that he would lay hands on … [Read More...]

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Excavating Your True Self

There’s a lot of mystery and often a lot of confusion when we start to speak about one's “True Self”. Depending upon your religious background, this can be relatively normal, completely bizarre and for some quite dubious. However in the sense of healthy … [Read More...]

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Oh Blessed Vice

It is true that God can use all things for our good - even our sin and brokenness. St. Augustine would call sin his blessed vice because he knew his sin would drive him back to the foot of the cross - relieving him from the heavy burden of it.  This is … [Read More...]

Rhythms of the Heart

Intimacy with God Reflection

Rhythms of the Heart.   The key to a rich and dynamic spirituality in the cultivation of intimacy with God.  This is a process like any journey with each step yielding a great sense of peace.  Spring boarding from the story of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25, we … [Read More...]

Kids' soccer

Rikers Song: An Ode to Child-like Faith

(First Game) Daddy…  what’s going on? Daddy who are all the faces? I’m not so sure about this Daddy but I’m sure about you. So many children Daddy. I’ve never played soccer Daddy. I’m not sure about this Daddy but I am sure about you. So I will stay with … [Read More...]

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Follow Jesus – On the Way

With a sincere desire to cultivate a deeper experience and relationship with God many folks are conditioned to ask the question "how." How can I experience greater peace, joy and freedom in the Lord?  How can I get a deeper sense of my … [Read More...]