Faith in Real Life

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Oh Father

There is a bit of controversy in our small country town.  The public elementary school's staff and students have been starting each school day by reciting the Lords Prayer – until a couple of weeks ago.  A little known tidbit; prayer in our provincial public school system is  protected by law. The administration received a letter […]

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My Grace is Enough

Why is it that when I sense a leading from God and follow through, the resulting consequence so heavily determines my hindsight? For example, if things naturally fit together and all goes well I am confident that I indeed heard God. Alternately, if things fall apart or blow-up in my face, I am suddenly stricken […]

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Growing Deeper

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Quiet Reflection: In the Beginning

Enjoy a two minute retreat - A quiet reflection on the first few verses of Johns Gospel. This is a way to experience the scriptures in a different way, more reflectively and in doing so,  you will experience a deeper sense of peace and perhaps you may hear the … [Read More...]

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 I stand in dismay and great sorrow with the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I am at a loss for words, with only a whisper of "oh dear God." My mind jumped back almost 14 years ago when we lived a similar horror here in Taber, Alberta, Where a student … [Read More...]


My Plumber Thinks I Should Pay Him

With tongue in cheek, the Rant begins… I think everyone ought to know plumbing. Really! No, not just know a little something but competent to do all things plumbing. Fathers should teach sons and daughters everything there is to know about plumbing. After … [Read More...]

Divine Love is… Free

Freedom is the very nature of divine love, for it is when love is freely given and freely received that it is, in fact, healthy love.  As soon as we attach expectations and seek to meet those exceptions by use of coercion or manipulation love ceases to be … [Read More...]

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Freer Choices

"If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you." - Jesus Who the Son sets free is free indeed!  I so love this scripture from John 8. … [Read More...]


The Lesson I have Learned from a Stuffed Rabbit

Being authentic is a genuine desire for many people.  The desire to be authentic themselves but also in those who lead them.  Not too long ago pastors and leaders were being encouraged to "never let them see you sweat", be "always victorious", the "mighty -man … [Read More...]