Faith in Real Life

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Legend of the Fire Maker

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a wise man made a discovery.  He discovered fire and with fire he could be warm, cook his food and have light through the dark of night.  He had heard of a people across the mountains; the people who lived on the plains and   he […]

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The Neighbor's – Short Story

  God will often offend the mind to reveal the heart and the following is a short story I wrote as an adaptation of the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan.   Set in the modern day, I have attempted to re-tell this powerful story in such a way that we can identify with each of the […]

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Growing Deeper

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The Art of Reason-Seasoned Passion

The phone rang the other day. "Hi guys!" the caller started. "We are on our way but have to get pulled out of the ditch first" the voice said in as a good humor as one could muster in that situation.  It turns out that the gravel … [Read More...]


Love is… Indiscriminate

  Consider a rose.  Can a rose choose who it will share its breath-taking beauty with?  Can it  withhold its  captivating fragrance from bad people and share liberally with good people?  The sun shines and the rain falls of the saints and the sinners … [Read More...]


Hope on the Line

I hung hope out with the laundry, clothes-pinned tenderly beside a pillowcase, a tea towel, two sheets and some socks. I could tell she needed air, a sweet puff of wind. She needed to get warm again basking in the sun.   After a few hours, I came out with my … [Read More...]

Winter Oak Tree at Sunset

Be Still

One of the things I hear most often from many folks is the chronic busyness of life.   They are bombarded from all directions, all day so it seems to many.    This driven pace is often a reflection of one's inner life - their thoughts and emotions, and as such … [Read More...]

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Wholeness: Faith in Real Life

I really appreciate what Rohr has to say in the quote below.  I believe it is important that our spirituality, our faith life, is fully grounded in the here and now, in the concrete of our real life.  Healthy Christian spirituality brings wholeness - we are … [Read More...]

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Shedding False Responsibility

Have you ever found yourself feeling really weighed down and anxious about a situation that seemingly you have no control over? It is an ugly feeling that seems to gnaw away, sometimes quietly and other times quite overtly, but all the while bringing a general … [Read More...]